Appalachian Landslide Consultants, PLLC is a fully insured and DBE certified woman-owned business. Our mission is to help protect life and property by identifying landslide hazards. The goal of landslide hazard identification is to assist both public and private property owners in assessing the risk and subsequent damage that may occur if landslides are present or likely triggered. We provide a range of services that achieves these goals. Please see our Services section to find out if we can help you achieve your goals.

Jennifer Bauer & Stephen Fuemmeler
Owners of Appalachian Landslide Consultants, PLLC

We have updated our Landslide Maps of Western North Carolina map viewer to include all the areas completed by Appalachian Landslide Consultants, PLLC as well as showing the areas covered by NC Geological Survey landslide maps. Please check it out and let us know what you think.

“Blowout” landslides and the lidar signature of several catastrophic, mid-summer Appalachian precipitation events of the 20th century

by Philip S. Prince All parts of the Appalachian Mountains are no stranger to episodes of localized but catastrophically extreme precipitation, with the eastern Kentucky event of July (2022) and its tragic consequences being the most recent reminder. These precipitation events, which typically occur during summer months, can deliver double-digit inches of rain (more than … Continue reading

Lidar imagery in western North Carolina improved significantly in 2017, which is a big deal for landslide studies

by Philip S. Prince The high-quality land surface imagery that ALC currently uses for landslide mapping is generated from a lidar data set produced in 2017. This 2017 data, which has 0.5 meter (~1.6 ft) resolution, is a major improvement over the previous 2005 data, which was 6 meter (20 ft) resolution. For geologists trying … Continue reading