Landslide Inventory & Hazard Mapping Services

ALC can provide landslide mapping for an entire county or watershed. This is typically a multi-phase project that first inventories past landslide locations and areas that are currently unstable and likely to fail during heavy rainfall events. The next phase includes a susceptibility computer model based on field data that identifies areas where landslides may start and their potential pathways during heavy rain events. These projects are typically funded by public-private partnerships with the ultimate goal of making these maps available to the general public in these counties/watersheds.

To date, we have completed landslide inventories for the Jonathan and Richland Creek watersheds in Haywood County and the Wayehutta watershed in Jackson County. Landslide susceptibility maps have been completed for the Jonathan and Richland Creek watersheds in Haywood County. Landslide inventory mapping is currently underway in the East Fork of the Pigeon River watershed in Haywood County. The Haywood Geologic Stability Brochure provides more information on this project and outlines how these types of maps can help communities protect themselves, the local economy, and water quality from landslides.

These maps are available online through our website here.

Wayehutta Creek Watershed Geologic Stability Map