Property Evaluation

We provide individual site assessments to help current or potential property owners to determine if landslide hazards exist on a site. We can typically schedule a visit within 2-3 days of initial contact and routinely work with real estate agents on behalf of their clients. Site visits include a thorough inspection of the areas of concern on the property and are followed up with a verbal summary of our findings to the interested parties. Written reports/summaries are also available upon request.

If a landslide hazard exists on the property, we can offer solutions that will help fix/stabilize the area of concern. Depending on the type of landslide, solutions can range from low cost/minimal engineering recommendations like controlling/diverting surface water to more in depth solutions such as retaining walls, soil excavation, and/or geotechnical engineering recommendations. We routinely work with a network of surveyors and engineers when necessary.

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