• Digital Landslide Inventory showing where landslides are or have happened in the past
  • Landslide susceptibility modeling indicating areas that could be impacted by landslides
  • Education and Outreach on how to use landslide hazard maps

Rock Slope Rating and Mitigation Data Collection

  • Geotechnical Asset Management data collection on potentially unstable cut and fill slopes
  • Bedrock geologic and structural data collection and evaluation for mitigation design
  • UAV photogrammetry for data collection and presentation
  • Familiar with multiple types of slope rating systems (FHWA, TDOT, Unstable Slope Management Program (USMP)).

Property Evaluation

For developments/commercial property

    • Identify landslide hazards areas
    • Consult on property development plan
    • Due diligence for slope stability prior to purchase of properties of interest

For residential property

    • Due diligence for property buyers concerned about landslide hazards
    • Suggest safe locations buildings and driveways
    • Property stability evaluation
      • Bedrock geology evaluation
      • Landslide/slope stability evaluation
    • Examine landslide problem areas and offer solutions

GIS/Mapping Services

    • Geodatabase design and implementation
    • Remote sensing and map building
    • Paper to digital conversion for maps and photos
    • Air photo, LiDAR, and ground reconnaissance survey

Emergency Landslide Response Retainer

    • Landslide hazard and evaluation services listed above on emergency/on-call basis for local governments
    • Landslide emergency response during all hours
    • Education about regional landslides and their potential impacts to the area